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  1. I don't understand why many people are advocating that dropshipping is coming to an end and advising others not to participate in it anymore.I can only say that means you're not making any money, or you're just a beginner.You don't know much about dropshipping's prospects yet

  2. Dropshipping will not die, just be difficult to make big business, so you need to have more idea for your business. For example, you can make your own brand and the special gift for your pacakges

  3. Great video bro, this pathway did make me a bit skeptical bu thu watching all your videos definitely hammered the nail in and you really inspire me to find my way thru this business. 🙏🏽 awesome content bro!

  4. New viewer. You should make a start to finish tutorial. There’s a lot of things that confuse me eg: shipping handling and Facebook ads. These things would be greatly appreciated man, keep up the good work. Young boss

  5. It's been 1 year but I doesn't got sale, I am doing all things good working more than hard belive me I got $250 sales first day but I deleted shipping zone by mistake than shopify showing peoples this product can't be shipped to you , now it's been 3 months nd I will do ad next week.

  6. definitely think that you can be profitable and make a killing as long as you improve on something, can’t just copy a store exactly and expect to make 6 figures. Cool that your doing the mentorship too man, definitely something I’d look into


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