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  1. Great vid man. So true. I love the value, its so important as a Youtuber. I just gave out a winning product on my channel, but screw it man its all about the value!! COPY ME lol.😂

  2. People buy for one of two things, Love & does it solve a problem. Sometimes you have to "create the problem" ex. "Show a loved one how much you care with a custom necklace.💘" makes them think they haven't showed that person how much they love and care about them.

  3. Its my birthday today and im watching your video! 😅😂 Awesome video tanner! Very good point that is vital to understand, definitely learned something here! 🙏🏽 im going to enter into the draw and hopefully i get lucky and get the chance to be mentored from you! Would be actually be the best birthday present ever haha’

  4. Hey man, I've tried to reach out to Instagram influencers but they don't see my messages and I don't know what to wright to them.. Please make a video about how to make contact with influencers and how to make the message look professional!! Thank you Tanner


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