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200+ hours of research, testing, and tough lessons packed into 1 video. Here are 100 Amazon FBA Private Label product ideas with (sometimes funny) coaching on how to launch each one.

But remember: ideas are nothing without execution. Once you’ve picked an idea, sourced it, and are ready to launch, contact AsteroidX to get your sales rolling.

See you at the top!

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  1. Just want to say, "this ain't your Mama's video." I think I've watched every single video on YouTube for private label research – and you're the first one I've seen from someone who "thinks outside of the box." Damn good job !! If you're selling a course – I'm in ! Thanks a lot !!!

  2. great info I have been selling my food business products online for nearly 11 years and it has been a huge success but like all success, it does take time. Great videos and always up for learning all the time. Liked and subscribed appreciate the info ! Would like to do a one on one talking about the Amazon Gourmet food space there is not that many people talking about the food category on Amazon and private label ? we currently have 40 items in this space on FBA and have had great success.

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  4. We're all here for the same reason: to both learn how to and to ultimately make money doing SOMETHING online. I love seeing what people are discussing and all the motivational stuff, but there seems – to me at least – a lot of people still trying to figure out a path for themselves.

    You can watch all the YouTube videos you want and although a lot of them are packed with useful information, I think the one thing that truly holds people back from beginning success is the ability and/or technical knowledge to setup landing pages, etc. But more so, I believe the #1 problem people are having is HOW TO actually drive traffic that's not YouTube. How to ACTUALLY market affiliate products and there's no real blueprint for someone just starting out. Just snippets of info here and there, with no clear idea of how to start for the beginner.

    So with that said.., a simple, easy to follow "blue print" that actually helped me see my first commission sale ($7.89 lol) would be something I feel a lot of other people could use to do the same. Snippets of information – although useful – doesn't give anyone a clear idea on where to start or how to for that matter, so I offer the program that got me started where most others failed to help me see any results. The choice is yours, but I recommend this program because it gives you A CLEAR path anyone can follow…


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