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  2. Yes I accept what you have written – definately more risky than some people make out to make money ecommerce and you could easily make a loss.
    Be careful and take advice from others that have already succeeded. I searched round many websites and discovered some good help by searching google on sites such as Ecom turbo tactic. Good luck and hope you make some cash!

  3. The reason I love this video is this is the type of video that's more of a realistic startup. I wanna start a store and have the goals of making around $300 a week. Would I like to make $1k or more a week, of course; but $40 a day seems like a way more realistic goal to achieve.

  4. You're forgetting the fees, Ad cost, PayPal fees, apps / subscriptions, etc. That $13 profit quickly becomes closer to $6 or less in net. You gotta be real bro. You can definitely make a lot of money (I'm hitting more than 1K in sales a day now and climbing), but the truth is it took several months of going balls to the walls, thousands invested to test ad strategy and products and lots of challenges and headaches along the way. Just like a real business.

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  6. i just saw a couple of your videos and i just had to subscribe because you got some really good videos keep up the good work. I've been working with shopify already for almost 4 weeks already and made only 3 sales. i got so exited after those sales and just wanted to keep working with this to grow it and make more sales. now that i made a couple sales i know it works for real. If you can maybe check it out and see what you think and maybe something i should change and make better i would appreciate it. whenever you get the chance here's the link…… http://www.bestdealsexpress.com/

  7. What beginners need to know is this, how much it costs to start a shopify store? How much will you pay for ads or influencers especially for a beginner who is on a low budget? How to pick a niche for a shopify store? Please can you answer these?

  8. Hey man…I also started on Shopify and if you happen to have a couple of minutes to check out my store it would be great! Any advices/criticism are welcome. I haven't got any sales and I have been running ads on Facebook for 7 days £5 a day. I have changed a few things and will have to add some more. Got a total of about 100 views in that time. Not a lot anyway. Thanks again. Link is: matscarmusic.com


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