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Amazing! This is a famous case study, but I thought I would share it in video form if you’ve not heard about 10beasts.com.

It’s a well designed and researched website that shows you don’t need a ton of pages if you’re goal is to make a profitable helpful website.

Rather, your goal should be to focus on a combination of both the end user and search engines. This website is able to make such a good income because it ranks well for various, medium competition terms BUT ALSO really delivers on the end user experience.

The reviews are filled with attention to detail, making you trust the website but also making it easy for you to click over to Amazon.


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  1. Great, and thank you for the video. The only problem is that if you are new to YouTube such as myself, and you haven’t even hit 100 subscribers yet, you are not eligible for a personalized URL with YouTube and amazon associates/affiliate program will reject your request to join. I would love to review and beauty and craft products, but I can’t do it yet because I only have 42 subscribers as I have only been on YouTube for less than two months. There is a way around this, I actually called Amazon last week. Even if you make a word press free site and make five blog posts they hardly ever turn down word press.


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