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Old Way Of Doing Things
Multiple Email Lists
Moving To New Lists Not Easy
Needed 3rd Party Solutions Or A Lot Of Trial and Error

New Way Of Doing Things
A Single List
Can Be Managed With Tags
True Marketing Automation
Visual Workflows Let You Manage Things Easier

What’s A Workflow
Visual Marketing Funnels
They Let You Build Powerful Automated Marketing Systems
No Coding Or Special Skills Required

Workflow Breakdown
1. Tagged at the start of the Workflow
2. Lead Magnet Delivery
3. Lead Nurturing Campaign
4. Delay
5. Goal
6. Tagged at the end of the Workflow

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  1. Thank you +Shawn Bayley for another great video. Be sure to check Shawn's other videos for priceless tips & information. I subscribed to this channel, and joined his mailing list. The story of how his Wife's Cancer saved his business may bring you to tears…

  2. Thank you, this was very helpful. I'm new to Drip and I have a campaign created for my music fans but a little confused about workflows. For something simple, such as I just want to send the series of emails in the campaign, do I even need a workflow?

    Or if I were to create a workflow, would it be just the below?

    Submitted via Leadpages
    Apply tag
    Send campaign

  3. Hi Shawn, how does Drip decides your lead should be tag as customer? From the free workflow that you provided, it seems that you allow your lead to be tag as customer by simply visit the order page of your clickfunnel. What fi your lead does not continue the order, does it still tag as customer?

  4. Great video! I'm brand new to Internet marketing and I have a question about the email lists…I have about 200 emails from a past venture. Am I able to send different CPA offers to them that look like they're coming from companies/emails?


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