Amazon’s terms of service for its affiliate program, Amazon Associates, is complicated. In this video we share some of the most common ways to accidentally get kicked off of the program. Amazon Associates is a great program and we want to help you keep from getting kicked off.



  1. Do you guys know how I can simply quit with the Amazon's affiate program? I am with the American one now, but as I live in Europe they can''t pay me the way I prefer… So I'd like to switch to the German Amazon, but I seem to be stuck at the American (can't use the same mail account for instance). Hope you know what to do….

  2. How much do you feel these rules affect the click rates and therefore income of your sites? And, do you worry if the rules get stronger that Amazon is in control and it's risky to count on the stability of the monetization?

  3. Just a question: I was curious how you guys link to Amazon, and so I checked your Dirt Bike website. Most of the links mention "Amazon" specifically- could you clarify what you meant then, because I understood you can't say anything about Amazon. Unless you're total rebels and don't even care;-) Thanks!!

  4. Was getting a sale every 2-3 days. 17 days go by nothing… I call Amazon they cant tell me why it happend just to go fix all my links. They told me I legit had no sales but there is no way I've never gone over 4-5days without of something. They basically left me in the lurch cant tell me why it happend or how to fix it. Also talked to 2 reps.

  5. I'd hate to see what the uncommon ways are to get kicked off the program. We had a website back in the good old days and probably broke all of those rules. No wonder we didn't get any commissions.

  6. So how can I find photos of products? Do I use google and find images that are not subject to copyright? Or do I go into contact with the brand directly and get permission? How does this work? Please advise.

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