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You can send unlimited emails totally for free with this awesome email marketing automation software. It integrates perfectly with anything out there that is needed.
Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing and growth. When you maintain good relationship with your customers, you are certain that they will trust you and be loyal with you.
With this email marketing software, you can automate everything, set and forget, schedule the emails, then go for holiday on the bahamas if you like, and your emails will be sent as you planned.

A typical example of a use case of this is, when you enter your email on a blog for a free e book you want to get and they send you a confirmation email for that, once you confirm, then they send you the book in email all happening one after the other. Those emails are not sent live. They have been scheduled by the blogger to happen like that, depending on the customers action. I will be making an explanatory video on this later.

Good luck with your marketing.

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