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  1. Hi
    Do I need a seller account amazon and get approved products for dropshipping .
    Can I resell brands products like coach bags or Adidas from amazon to Shopify?
    I downloaded apps AmaZone Dropshipper and it works. Do I need to do something before resell products any advice .I'm confused
    I'm a new dropper shipping

  2. I see you manually added all the details and product images etc. Does that mean you accept the order and payment for the customer and then manually order it from amazon using his address ? Ins that too much work ?

    Or does shopify automatically collects payment for amazon and creates order in background and does the order processing without your work of accepting payment and paying taxes, etc ?

  3. So you use some extension to automatically import some product from amazon and use the amazon affiliate ID for the same, and people do the order processing and checkout completely on your store and the money directly goes to amazon and amazon fulfills the order ?

    Or does customer see amazon name in checkout ?

  4. @Kirk Buchanan  I am from Philippines 18yrs old broke college kid. I want to pursue this journey to have income while studying to help my family. Do you suggest I start using amazon not alieexpress to start because I know that shipping in Amazon takes less time. I only have 50$ to use for advertisement what is the best advertisement you can suggest. Do I use paypal or direct bank account to recieve payments. When someone order do I pay first to amazon before I get the payment of my buyer? Hope you can answer my questions I know its too much. Thank you

  5. Hi kirk it's very good to see your another amazing video. My question is how we ship internationally from Amazon .I'm from uk so if j wants to ship same items international is it would be free shipping from Amazon prime or I have just offering for UK ship. Please reply. Thanks again

  6. Nice Video Kirk! 👍🏻 Makes a lot more sense than using aliexpress – certain items on aliexpress are the same price if not more expensive than Amazon too so you can also save using this method, plus the customer gets their item so much faster!

  7. Good video. Have you ever had any customer complaints for receiving Amazon boxes? Or returns because they went on Amazon and found the cheaper price? Also- are you using your Prime Account for orders? If you are doing high volume won't Amazon flag you and close your Prime account?

  8. How do you deal with the products? Do you send them direct to customers? If yes, won’t the people buying from your store know that it is from a different seller with a much lower price?
    Also, about packaging, how do you deal with the amazon packaging ? They would know it is from Amazon

  9. Hi Kirk. I am wondering about the process after you list the amazon product in your shopify store. For example: what happens if I go to your shopify store and purchase that speaker? Does the order go to amazon and then amazon ships the order to the customer? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to add some amazon products to my store.

  10. you forget somthing — you will lose your coustomrs after they will see the amazon label becouse amazon put her logo in every prodect they have , even you will tell seller iam have store in shopify or iam dropshipping or send it like a gift — they dont care about you ,, they care about rules in amazon


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