We share our actual earnings and numbers on several niche websites to show you how much, on average, niche websites earn from ads, affiliate links, and info products.

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  1. I love the stuff you guys put out, and so much of it is DEAD SPOT ON. But what I am really surprised about is why you would put in a months worth of work and during that month do NOTHING to promote the site. I am not talking about paid advertising or anything like that. But just some basic social media stuff. Things that take less than five minutes a day! And not just doing this the first month, but spend maybe 30 minutes EACH month, just 30 minutes, just getting the links on social media sites. Is there a reason you would NOT do this. I mean 30 minutes a month to get much faster traffic and better rankings seems like a small thing to do.

    Example: Just post the article links on your personal accounts or have a FB and Twitter page dedicated to the site and you post there. This does two things.

    1. it gets some traffic to your sites and you will make a few bucks
    2. by getting traffic to the site you will actually help improve your rankings faster. There is no question that Google, and other search engines, will start to improve a sites rankings if they see visitors to the site. We have tested this many many times over the years.

    There should be no reason a site takes six months to get that many page views a month, unless it is in a niche literally no one cares about.

    I haven't talked about paid traffic because I understand your model is mostly, maybe all, organic search engine traffic. But to put all of that work in and wait six months to get that type of traffic seems very strange to me.

  2. Hey guys, I really like the practical examples and the more scientific way of showing when people can expect income and at what levels. Ah…I have two sites just at the phase when 'most people sell their sites', I am so desperately waiting for this upward curve to hit.

  3. You guys are great! I went to your site, www incomeschool dot com, and I got 'not found'. Wow, that is superb .. .. .. I hope the rest is better .. .. .. (I did find your site after the 'view more', no problem there, it is just that your site is missing out on traffic, and THAT is not an option for you guys.

  4. 30,000 page views a month should be earning 1,000+ a month with little effort.
    350,000 page views a month = 5,000 a month = ads = affiliate marketing
    at one year in= disappointed if it doesn't earn a 1,000 a month

  5. what is the best video to watch for a basic starter to look at? You talk about how much each site earns, is that from advertisers or posting links to sell stuff? It sounds like you build a site, write blogs and then wait a year and it makes money. Im sorry, just trying to figure out where the cash comes in and where from?

  6. Nice content guys. I appreciate you sharing. I've been trying to build traffic to my personal business website and also a few other sites that I'm compiling content for. I also thought it was funny that I have been to the sound proofing website in the past for research on a remodel that I was doing. So you're definitely spot on with your niches… Keep up the good work! ps. I'd love to be added to the list for your site give away.


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