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Hello everyone I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to watch on getting into peerfly. Peerfly is a CPA marketing agency. If your having trouble getting into a “CPA” network feel free to apply. Peerfly pays on time! So I will keep everyone updated.

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  1. Hey Anthony, thanx for the information. Just a little doubt, if I have a blogging website where I just drive traffic through SEO , what do I need to say in the peerfly application form about the source of traffic to get approved?

  2. Hi Anthony Sir.
    I had filled out the peerfly form and submitted through your affiliate link. Could you please contact to your affiliate manager to accept me in peerfly. I will be thankful to you forever.
    Cheers Rushan

  3. Hi Anthony, thanks for sharing this video! I signed up for PeerFly through your link, Would you mind helping me in? I'll be extremely grateful for your help!Thanks!

  4. its very easy to get approved at peerfly i got my approval few days back i haven't made any money till now in cpa offers dont have any high or even low traffic blogs/sites. i have few landing pages for clickbank products and tried to drive some traffic to them in past but nothing more. i think i got approval with them because i didnt faked any thing i provided them all web addresses i owned told them in detail why i want to join them and how i planned to promote offers and also mentioned offers they have which i want to promote. i believe they want to know that if you are really ready to start and you know how to promote cpa offers. final advice dont fake and before submitting you application made a detailed plan what you will do to promote offers at peerfly and mention your budget to start.

  5. Hi Anthony Alfonso, i sign up under your referral link, i got back email with not approval, (Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, in the interest of our advertisers, we will not be able to work with you without a traffic reference from another CPA network. Are you a publisher with any other CPA affiliate network that is similar to PeerFly that will vouch for the quality of your traffic? All you have to do is reply to this email with their website link and your affiliate managers email and we will contact them. Please note that in order for the network to count as a reference you must have earned at least $500.00 with them and that we cannot accept account screenshots as a reference.)

  6. Hello Anthony…I was just watching your video about how to open account with Peerfly CPA. I have some working knowledge about how email marketing, SEO, Facebook ads etc. As i did in some of my Client project…I want to open as account with Peerfly ..I will sign up in couple of days..Can you help me get in in their platform with help of your affiliate manager…
    I will do my sign up with you affiliate link as mention below the video description…

  7. I easily get accepted in to maxbounty, the preefly is a little bit different I got rejected mail and the affiliate manager told me that you have to earn min $500 in any network and we will call to my affiliate manager

  8. Great video man! I'm going to be applying for peerfly, but I have a question… what is the Warriorforum? Do you have to make an account for it first before you apply?

  9. Your videos are getting better bro. more to point and confidence in your voice and passion has increased. Keep going. Also I'm not moving that fast in affilate marketing right now. Make a simple email campaign with email sequence for your other viewers. I have a course and experience with email marketing its hard but holyshyt profitable. thx again Antony.


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