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  1. Hi Deadbeat,
    I wanted to ask if it's possible to open an Amazon affiliate account in a different country from the one you live in and still make it work. For instance, I want to open an Amazon affiliate account in Spain, so I can make my website and build traffic in Spanish. But, I live in the US so I would have to manage it from here. Is that allowed and possible? I would really appreciate your insight on this matter. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. Hey dan,
    I want to buy your program but I have some issues with the debit card, so I like to make payment through paypal So can you please help me out! 😊

    love your videos I hope your program will be outstanding and amazing..
    waiting for your response!😊😁

  3. Dude, I needed this video! Thanks for the uplift in spirit and purpose. I started your course a few months ago. I haven't been able to do another, but I will. I am going to do this, period. Thanks again. Oh ya I'll check out Sean's channel and hopefully learn video. Peace out.

  4. Hahah "I need to work on my interview face" cracked me up! So fun – and the fact that you're in a bathrobe in the lobby is just hilarious 😀 Sean is such a smart guy, you both are great content creators – keep going!

  5. Hi,
    i bought your deadbeat program & millionaire program & some other packages,, i like paid around 200 -250$.. did what ever you said….only made 4$ in 3 months.. that's not a problem but the problem is you don't reply to my emails


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