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Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners | How To Make Money Online This Week!

1) Create Clickbank Account
2) Select A Product (Grab your affiliate link)
3) Set Up Your Funnel
4) Set Up Your Autoresponder With Email Follow Ups
5) Get Your First Sale (DRIVE TRAFFIC)

Most Profitable Markets To Go Into

1) Health
2) Wealth
3) Relationships

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  1. Question. Understand that people will click the button of the landing page and a lot of things will occur after that. But, how people will come in contact with the Landing Page in the first place? Through a website or how?

  2. thank you Josh God bless you man you've answered a whole bunch of questions that I had and that tells me why my other thing that I've been doing actually went to the dogs God bless I hope the new thing that I'm doing right now hopefully will have success because of this and I have some scribed and I will give you a thumbs-up man cuz you deserve it my God you know I find this video little bit on the late side for something previously that I want to do however I hope that now I will finally be able to be successful wow a lot of important information here very important and I can tell you I have tried to do things some of them have been successful some of them have failed but now I know why whatever failed failed God bless thanks again and have a blessed and wonderful day

  3. Great content Josh liked subscribed an I let the ads run fully as my thanks. Hoping to make the time to give this a shot. Have watched several of your vids great info and detailed.

  4. Just a reminder for people outside the US. you can't get Clickbank payments by direct debit. You will get a cheque which will, at first will most likely be put on hold for a month.

  5. I've asked this on other tutorials but never got a straight answer, ok, so you chose a product to promote from clickbank and you want to put it on youtube. So where in the world do you put the hoplink you get after you chose to promote it? First, you would have to select a product that already has a video to show on youtube right? So now WHAT?…WHERE and HOW DO YOU PUT THIS LINK?

  6. Another great Video mate,it’s pretty hard having a spare £150 for traffic on Udimi, have you any ways to get free traffic because being jobless with 2 kids and trying to get a foot in with affiliate marketing is hard

  7. Hey. I'm a bit confused your video is fantastic but how would you connect the capture page with a box for people to put in their emails ? Is it all done on click funnels or you have to use click funnels plus the other software ?

  8. This is awesome with details and examples. Keep it up, Josh. I don't know if that is possible for you but if you could just start a new account and pick an affiliate product and start from scratch using this method and make a video to show us how your funnels/sales are generating money that would be a great case study. Thank you

  9. Good Job Joshua…. God Bless You Always. I am following you and i like that point that first you buy the product, use it and then try to sell. Really it gives value and people would more trust you. Thank You

  10. One more thing: I have noticed that you use Audacity for recording,well dont.I can suggest you a special music recording software called Reaper.Its great trust me.A little more complicated than Audacity but if you want to bring the stuff to a new level of quality get Reaper.

  11. Doing a great job Josh.Im sharpening my sword for the battle by awaiting my firs mastercard from a bank to get it and get on with the show. First like for this video goes from me. ps: Who wouldnt trust a man with a beard right? I got one myself. Wishing you a collection of cars for the end of 2018 making money online and in general all the other best wishes from Serbia.


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