– in this video marcus shows you how to get paid to give away stuff online including…

– toolbars
– free samples
– downloads
– software trials
– coupons
– email zip submit offers
– and more…



  1. Been doing business online since 2001, and I must say this is the first time I see this explained that well. You PPC in order to get email list, and then you can make more peddling other's products on your list, but this time their is no acquisition cost 😉 Never seen it that way, I thought mailing lists and newsletters were just scams….now the question is though, how and where do you get companies to pay you $0.75 – $6 an action, and pay for REAL, not scams! 😉

  2. Great job fella! loved the vid. I almost didnt watch bc of the length and watched another before but it was awful then took a chance…Your style is so compelling i bet you could get this same info out in 4:30 and would get more hits! good luck!


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