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So you’re set up for SEO, and you’ve got the main traffic building methods in place, but anyone can do those things. So what can you do to get ahead of the race? This lesson covers some effective methods that are vastly under-utilized, so you can equip yourself to go further with your traffic generation.

To give you a quick overview, these points are based around media distribution. People don’t only use search engines like Google to find things on the internet. They search directly on the likes of YouTube, Amazon Kindle, iTunes etc… bypassing Google and other search engines altogether.

This means you need to be active in these places to be counted as a player in the media platform game.

We will start by covering four media types and platforms that you can use to boost traffic to your website. These include video marketing with YouTube, podcasting on iTunes, lead generation through Amazon Kindle for, and image distribution. The fifth topic is one method to rule them all, brand incorporation. This lesson will go into detail about why you should promote your brand as an authority, and more specifically, how you can incorporate your brand throughout all of these platforms.

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