Hey guys, were a little over a week into June so it’s time to do my May 2018 Amazon Merch earnings video.

It was a pretty strong month for me. I had a really great December which really is to be expected since everyone is doing Holiday shopping. January stayed strong which I was surprised by as we’ll often see a heavy dropoff right after Christmas. February and March I really struggled and sales were really low, seems across the board most people reported really wierd sales numbers, a lot of conspiracy theorists were comming out of the woodwork talking about throttling and talking as if AMazon put caps on how many shirts each person could sell.

April things really picked back up for me and had a very strong month, things have continued to be good in May. The past week or two sales have been kind of wierd for me. I would go from selling like 16 shirts one day and then go 2-3 days with 0 or 1 shirt sale per day, then I would have a 15 sale day, then I’d go another 2-3 days with no sales. That seems to have been a short term fluke and sales seem to be back to normal.

I still havn’t broken $1,000 in a single month yet so that’s my big goal is to break $1,000.

In May I had 12 returns, I’m curious to hear how you guys are doing with returns? Alot of people were really concerned when Amazon instituted the policy about deducting returns from our sales numbers and commissions, with 12 returns that’s only about $64 I’m missing out on so while I’d love to have another $64 in my pocket it hasn’t been a huge issue.

How’s your merch sales going? Drop a comment and let us know…


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  1. Thanks for the info!!! In the description of a LOT of my shirts I included (Order 1 size up for a more loose fit). Is there anyway to edit that out or am I just going to have to delete all those listings & resubmit them again??

  2. What do you do about someone copying your designs pixel for pixel? I've had one of my designs copied pixel for pixel and sold on Amazon and on other platforms. It's frustrating.

  3. Thanks for the video. I noticed you are only making less than $4 per shirt, sometimes less than $2 a shirt. Do you have a pricing strategy? Do you ever up your prices to $19.99 or $20.99 for standard?

  4. I saw that reddit post of the dude crying about getting terminated. Yeah he was definitely doing a lot of shady stuff. He flew too close to the sun one too many times. I definitely know what you mean by the wierd ass flow these past two weeks…I'll get 15 plus sales for a few days and then bam..ZERO for the next two or three days. Looks like today is gonna end up being a ZERO day. So damn frustrating. ugh!

  5. Yes, I had 6 returns last month (same shirt) and a few of my shirts dropped to the bottom of the first page and on page 2. I didn't check the quality so I'm assuming the picture I uploaded wasn't clear enough. Anyway, no sales for a few weeks 🙁 I just checked again and I'm on the first page again with a few sales. I guess I'm not on 'punishment' anymore lol

  6. Somebody has went through the images on pixabay and uploaded most of them as they are to Merch. If you plan to use them you need to add something like text or change it in some way.

  7. That ks for the vid, I'm struggling with it Tbh. I'm still in tier 10. Do you think you could do a vid on niche reasearch your keyword process etc. Or are we at that point in merch where you have to buy out of the lower tiers to have a chance.


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