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Mikkelsen Twins Story – From feeling worthless to living our dream life in 24 months

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  1. I am a member of DSL too, being in the UK was stressful too as the suppliers wanted me to have a brick and mortar store, I also had a full-time job and had suppliers call me whilst I am work etc, I got sales but so much so much ad spend and I left it behind, my kindle publishing project was a flop though but i was making small crappy ebooks and making 200 of them, the online world is tough, Merch by amazon for the win

  2. #ASKGREG (or the twins?) Can you explain how to do Amazon FBA WITHOUT the products coming to your home like how can you just send the products from China to Amazon with your private label on. I live in New Zealand and wouldn't want to ship them to my home to put a label on. Thanks.

  3. yow Rasmus, how did you sell it man? if you only had it for a year and not making average $1000 over the last 12 months then Empire Flippers doesn't even wanna list your store I hear. So you found the right buyer on flippa or through your own network or the DSL group? Also, I saw you aren't part of the group anymore .. Must be a reaaally sour taste eyy? ๐Ÿ˜œ

  4. Hey guys. Another amazing video. Sorry it took me so long to watch it but I had a ton of back to school crap to do for the kiddos. AnyWho…I love the Name of your course "audio income academy". I can't wait til it comes out. I totally know what you mean about the kids running around, "come play with me…". It's like "I love ya, but I got shit to do!"

    Keep up the great content!

  5. Christian's face at 8:19 I'm dying ๐Ÿ˜‚ Love the Mikkelsen humor and the hype ๐Ÿ™Œ Quality video as always๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    I heard about dropshipping a lot of times before kindle publishing, but there wasnt a single person that could convince me to start it ๐Ÿ˜€ Everyone had the same experience with the customer service side, just like Rasmus. Dropshipping sound hardcore to Kindle ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Watched yesterday a video of this Greg Preece motherfucker (good guy)! Youtube is so small ๐Ÿ˜€

    #AskGreg: What are the key features of your best selling shirts? (How many results has the main keyword, trend topic/ special event/ evergreen and how did you found them)

    Super interesting! Maybe one of your best videos! Even if all videos are great ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love these videos, because they keep me going and I know that's fine to not be profitable at all after 1 year in this online world. But my time will come in the next months, I am very sure!

    What you explain at 15.05! Hahahaha, this is so fucked up but I nearly feel the same with my FBA Biz right now.

  7. *#AskGregg

    1. At any point in your Entrepreneurial journey, did you ever think 'F this, I'm packing it all in'

    2. What are your rough estimates for future yearly income aspirations?

    3. Do you think you would quit YouTube if one lf your businesses really took off (earning millions) and YT was simply taking up a lot of time.

    4. Will you ever collab with the future YouTube star of the Entrepreneur niche, Elliott Prendy?*

    Nice video lads, thanks for your take on dropshipping!

  8. The lit fam always comes through! Thanks for another great Video. Hope you guys settled in well?
    1)If you had to start building an online business from scratch in 2018 with all the knowledge you have now? Which would you get into first?
    2)How long would you spend scaling up a business before taking the idea behind the barn and shooting it?(assuming it remains unprofitable)

  9. Rasmus and Christian, I couldn't agree with you more on everything that you said… Sorry, in a commenting mood I guess haha. ultimiatly is a much harder business to succeed with then other business models and you have to know that you love it… I know that I would hate it as well! Just NOT my cup of tea. Excited to see my continued progress form here!

  10. #askgreg

    QUESTION #1) I'm focusing on one thing at a time right now to get results with Self Publishing while building our own brand over time, but after I master self-publishing what would the second income stream you would highly recommend adding on after Self Publishing?

    QUESTION #2) Greg, it seems you don't do self-publishing to make passive income online, why don't you do self-publishing?

    QUESTION #3) Greg, what do you see as the fastest and simplest way to grow passive income online for a beginner, and where do you recommend beginners starting vs more advanced marketers with more technical skillsets?

    QUESTION #4) If you were to coach someone one-on-one to go from $0 to their first $10k per month online, what would your online business approach for them be, and what would you have them selling online?

    QUESTION #5) Greg what is your favorite way to make money online?

  11. Excited to hear this story again and more now!! Fire Donut Twins strike again! I almost got started along time ago into dropshipping i'm glad I didn't. I'm staying away from drop shipping and focusing on my other methods. -Richard


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