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WYSIJA Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin has autoresponder posts and great looking newsletters, which makes the article below mostly useless.

WYSIJA stands for What You See Is Just Awesome, and to be honest I’ve only briefly looked at the plugin yet it looks fantastic. The Autoresponder series works, and the templates provided are quite nice. Also worth a mention is over 1500 ‘5’ star ratings, with only a couple ‘1’ star ratings on WordPress Repo, which goes to show how powerfully good this plugin is.

WYSIJA makes it easy to send newsletters with drag and drop interface and the options to send locally, via gmal or a SMTP server.
The API for Email Marketing

Hey Guys,

Today I will be discussing how to create a Free WordPress Autoresponder for Email Marketing. The great thing about this is once you have set this up on one WordPress installation you can use it for multiple lists, different email accounts and domains. And the success rate is off the charts. This requires a fair level of technical detail, but it’s pretty easy all the same.

Also guys I’ve found another plugin that does all this and better for free if you don’t have a giant list then you can use this plugin: BFT Autoresponder and Newsletter

The reason I looked for another plugin was someone messaged me having problems getting this to work which is when I decided to screencast the process… however upon installing the WordPress newsletter plugin I realised the plugin development has been discontinued.

So check out BFT Autoresponder and Newsletter, it doesn’t require SMTP, it runs off WordPress mailer so very easy install and setup. You can ignore the rest of this post, but read it for insight into how this method works. You may need it in future. how to set up autoresponder in wordpress

So the first step is to choose a service. Basically there are kinda free email services which work much like commercial email marketing but the difference is they simply have an API rather than custom form builders and list management and such. We then use WordPress plugins to talk to the API which allows up to create our own email autoresponder with 99.99% success rate. This is actually around 10% more than commercial autoresponders.

These services are free up to a cap, generally around 12,000 emails per month. is the service I will be using for my example, however others that are quite good are and Mandrill is a MailChimp Spin-off, however they have a different team, different servers and it’s much more enterprise based. Lets look at pricing:

Mandrill Pricing Structure

How To Align Text In WordPress – |

500 subscribers for Aweber is $19 a month with unlimited emails, however really you’re only going to be sending 2 per day maximum (30,000). 30,000 emails in the API is $3.60 wordpress autoresponder plugin free

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1000, subscribers for Aweber is around $29 a month. So what is 60,000 emails a month for the API? $9.60 (12,000 Free – next 48,000 @ 0.20 per Thousand = $9.60)

Unlike the commercial guys, you never pay for what you don’t use, you are billed after the fact, rather than before the month has started. best wordpress autoresponder plugin

What is a typical WordPress autoresponder?

It’s an email that is sent automatically to someone after he does something. In MailPoet, there are 2 such events:

When someone subscribes to a mailing list.
When someone subscribes to your site as a WordPress user.

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For example, you can send 3 emails with instructions for your online course. Each are sent a week apart, after someone subscribes. This often called a “drip campaign” in marketing terminology.

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