In this video I show you how to make money on Instagram with CPA marketing, you can do this with no following on Instagram, start now!
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Using Instagram to promote offers can lead to great conversions if you do it right. The main points you need to consider are, does the offer look good? And, who are you going to promote it to?

Once you have made your account on Instagram you just need to get people to click on your links. To do this just interact with your target audience on Instagram. Like, comment and follow tones of people.
Once people notice you have followed them they will most likely click on your profile and check out your offer.

This is how you can make money on Instagram promoting CPA offers. Get creative, take action and you will see results.

Everything said in this video is my own opinion, I do not claim to be an internet marketing ‘guru’ however I am actually making good money online using the methods talked about.

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  1. hello first thanks for the awesome video and i would like to ask….i did everything but whenever i try my link it takes me to google search instead of taking to the offer . Can you help as to where am going wrong please

  2. I see so many comments of people not knowing what their getting into… For this to actually be profitable you will need much automation,proxies,sim cards ect

  3. Hi your Technic is very good we make a instagram account with weebly website some one click on weebly from instagram the page open instagram goes to directly bing search engine i think instagram shows problem

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