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“Dropshipping business plan:

Step 1. – find a profitable niche: you should take couple good hours if not days to figure out what are you gonna sell, will you go for hot items, seasonal items, trending items, will you stay under the 2kg per item limit to avoid paying extra for shipping? On average dropshippers will go for products that are at least $20 and up to $250, not more than this because will become harder to sell. Also here you must check the demand for that specific item on the market and do a lot of research on your competitors, there’s high chance someone is selling already what you trying to sell. You can learn a lot from them and improve your store.

Step 2. – find dropship suppliers: critical choice for your new business, having a supplier with enough stock and deliver products to your fresh customers in time is super important. So my advice is to choose suppliers with good experience, must provide fast shipping, must have quality products so your customers will be happy and buy more from you as well recommend your products to their friends, and charging small order fees not more than $4.

Step 3. – get sales Tax ID: getting into products selling requires paying taxes to the state you belong to, this is about 10% of the sale price, you should get this at your local county clerk’s office or google it online.

Step 4. – chose the selling platform: here you must choose between biggest marketplaces in the world, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. For access, there are different fees and can go up to 15% per sale from what I read. There are more selling platforms, check local ones as well, it matters a lot what you gonna sell.”



  1. Thank you for explaining this and break this big topic into simple steps. I have watched a webinar about dropshipping and I really like the idea, especially we do not need to handle the shipping process, that's the part I don't really like the hassle with. Moreover, we don't need to keep the stock, so we don't really need big capital to start the business.

  2. Not too familiar with this method of making money but from my observation, this will really be easy for someone who already has a large audience or really knows marketing. Will look more into this in the future.

  3. Dropshipping is new ideal for me. I think it is hard if the product is not trending or have no wide distribution or high reviews. Thanks for informative video. Well done.

  4. Dropshipping is definitely one of the best form of business which has a very high earning potential. Your video does explain the important points to consider and also does motivate newbies like me to try it. You are right it's definitely worth a try , after all you can earn a lot if you are successful.


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