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In this detailed review about Shopify we provide an overview of how Shopify works. Let’s find out if Shopify makes selling online easy and if it is the right choice for your project!

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1:05 Layout & Templates
1:38 Checkout Settings
2:21 Adding Products
3:20 Orders
3:27 Apps
3:50 Blog
4:16 Conclusion

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  1. Maybe mention that you cannot set an individual item's shipping cost. It has to be by region. Tough to deal with when dropshipping items from all over the world. (ex. from aliexpress, every supplier has their special rates and epacket rates that cannot be passed on to your customers.)

  2. Thank You, WebsiteToolTester, is Shopify at Top #1 Your ranking list of E-Commerce for the Price & Service or is there a greater System balance existing some other plattform, is there alternative level right now?

  3. does shopify work like a regular website or just a store? for instance, a squarespace website has a store vs shopify. Why would anyone go to a shopify store without first clicking off of a content website?

  4. Im really pleased with Shopify so far. Im wondering if you guys have any suggestions for bookkeeping solutions?? Anything that you current shopify users find works well?

  5. I am looking to make an e-commerce website in which 30% of the total price goes to charitable foundations or NGO's in which the buyer can choose from a range of hundreds of options to which organisation they want to send 30% of the final price. I am currently using for my websites but it doesn't allow me for those options. Can you give me your suggestion in which platform I could perform this or do I need to go full Pro hiring a programmer?


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