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Where should you be selling you amazing products, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify somewhere else? In this episode, we compare all the different platforms and go over the pros and cons of each!

Quick Intro
Short version is You should no matter what have your own store
Shopify Vs Woocommerce or some other platform we will talk about later in this episode
Amazon = Everyone with physical products should also do this
Etsy – small handmade goods you can start here
If you are really tight on cash you may want to start with Etsy, Ebay or possibly Amazon
Conclusion get a site no matter what for reasons we will get into later in this episode than most likely Amazon
•Way Easier
•Built-in Sales
•All About Reviews and Good Product Photos
•Good for handmade stuff or smaller companies
•Not the best for sales
•Not the most scalable though it can be done
•Your Own Store
•Quick Overview
•Seo value
•A Bigger mote
•Free Sales
•You Own it
•TONS of marketing methods both free and paid
•More valuable if you sell it
•It’s hard (not for everyone)
•Can be costly
Generally Kind of a waste of time
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  1. this is an excellent video..!!!!!.thank you!!!…in regard to amazon, im afraid of the clause which states they own all rights to my artwork, reproduction, modifying,etc…..why is this in their acceptance wording and what exactly does it mean?…my original artwork is copyrighted by me.

  2. Thank you so much for your wisdom I am a dump truck driver trying to get into social media marketing and hope to do well for my family. Reason I wanted to get into social media marketing is that I love sales and I won't be able to drive truck too much longer due to for disc in my back that are crushed. So keep up what you're doing you're making a difference for me and my family


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