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  1. im trying to do this on instagram. ive opened a new page promoting a company who sell iphone cases on amazon, however my question is how would amazon pay me if my page is in the companies name that i am promoting?

  2. That is a superb informative video. We likewise have a number of our own videos that individuals have done, and are getting started on wanting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are looking for new ideas and hope that people can give this type of genuine advice. If you got a while, have a look at ours and reveal that which you think.

  3. When you google image and you find like a brurry picture, simply right click on the picture and search for image on google. Google will bring you more results of the same picture

  4. I dont think you need to keep the link up there, i think the picture is embeded with the code. if im wrong please let me know because i noticed i am getting a lot of clicks but nobody is buying except momma and grandma

  5. Great video David, and I've now joined your Facebook page. I have a question – Do we have to register our FB page address with Amazon the same way we register our website address to get paid on these affiliate links?

  6. Is boosting direct affiliate links allowed for an amazon affiliate associate? If not, is boosting the page that the links are on allowed? Also, someone said you have to put a disclosure..? Is that for each individual link, or can I simply put a disclose in the description box for my page?

  7. HI David, great video, thank you.  I have started with a website blog to then link to a facebook page for affiliate marketing, but it seems you don't have a website and are doing just fine.  I keep reading about SEO, using keywords, etc, and how having a website increases your ranking with Google and searches in general.  Ugh, I'm torn as to what to do.  I've been working my butt of on that darn website, pain in the butt that it's been, and now after watching your video I feel like I don't even need it.  There's a Facebook page that does a ton of affiliate marketing called HowDoesShe, and they post links to a ton of different items on Amazon and many other sites.  But they have a website, too.  Thoughts and advice please?

  8. So my first step is to make a specific niche page? My mother has started writing books so I was going to make a page to sell her books. Can I then become an affiliate on amazon, facebook ad her book and then add links to my page from amazon on other books like her?


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