Google is testing a bigger push for the messaging option within the local panel. Google launched messaging within Google My Business in July 2017. Google is now testing a way to promote messaging more to searchers in the local panel by using a larger message button.

What it looks like. Local SEO and Search Engine Land columnist Joy Hawkins posted a screen shot on Twitter of the test.

Here is the normal interface. Those not in the test will instead see a “message” icon next to the call, directions, web site, and other call-to-action icons.

Why it matters. If Google does roll out the new interface to promote the messaging feature in the local panel, and  a lot of businesses begin using it, then customers might expect that your business use it as well. Maintaining and managing messaging within Google My Business can be done using the new Google My Business app, via the Google My Business web portal or via your phone’s text messaging app. It can add a new opportunity for you to get more business, but at the same time, add more workload to your already busy work day.


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