In this video, I want to show you how to do SEO and rank your website on the first page of Google. You can even rank number 1 by doing these methods.

If you want to rank high in google the best way is to actually build links. By building links you have full control of the anchor text. I first start off by doing social signals then I move on to doing web 2.0s. Once this is done you can purchase private blog links.

Doing this will get you ranked in Google and help you get affiliate marketing commissions.


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In this video, i hope my seo methods help you rank higher in Google



  1. Very informative and interesting video. I will be sharing this with my clients.
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  2. Thanks for the great SEO info Franklin… this is the second video I've seen of yours… a friend sent me your link… I have a question… A while back I tried to use a clickbank link in an email campaign thru constant contact and my account was suspended. At the time I had simply loaded a script from ClickFunnels that had that link in it (I didn't even know what click bank was at the time). CC told me I'd have to remove the link if I wanted to use my account even though I explained I was going to customize and change that script. I was told that CB is associated with scams and therefore not an ethical way to do business. How does google view CB if I use their links on my site or posts? Thanks!

  3. If you`re searching for the right service to get real visitors to your blog post, i suggest to use SpeedRankSEO. I am using it with a good result. Simply just type speedrankseo in yahoo and google.

  4. I'm 4-5 month into seo and affiliate marketing and I can tell there is no bullshit in this video. Definitely not another clown guru trying to rip off beginners. I have a few questions:
    – how many aff. websites do you have and how much each 1 is approx. making for you?
    – how expensive is link building for average comp. niche?
    – how expensive is the content you order? $/1000w
    – do you own PBN? If yes, how much does it cost you to create and maintain
    – where do you get content for your web 2.0 (if you do)? And how much is it? ( if you pay for it)
    – how long does it take on average to bring a new wesite to top on average comp. niche?
    – what tips could you give to organize all the maintanance process? Outsourcing, providers, domains, content, all the content data, passwords and stuff.
    – could you recommend other other resources than your own channel that would share no bullshit tips about and seo
    Hope you answer those. Great channel, I'll definitely check out your other videos.

  5. hi you should check consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matches your content with other users in the consolety network based on title's, your tags category and language. Meaning 100% accurate matching that is rellevant all done for you by the consolety network. simply by searching for the name consolety.

  6. Thanks for the awesome tutorial mate but my question is, if my structure on my site has 4 pages and each pages has 3 supporting post. Do i need to build links each post and each page? like web 2.0 and all those stuff each?

  7. Hi Brad,
    at age of 61.1/2 years lost my job due to Corp Cut down, lost my home, saving and retirement and with my physical challenges I just applied for Disability, which is not approved yet, I loved your honesty instruction and I think, this is something I can able to do! having a Computer setup at home, this might be my best and last chance to make something out of it, not looking for get rich quick, looking for honest work with honest pay, I have no experience what so ever, just went through all your videos, I need to find an audience and find popular products and of course search ad, I do have
    $300 budget, I need an exact step by step guide to able to make a thousand to start till able to reach $3000 to able to survive, need a mentor to take my hand and show me how to walk, I know is asking too much, but do you have a time or some one you trust that can able to help me, I am willing to share the profit, to take me out of ground, I appreciate your reply and guidness, for confidential respond you can use my e-mail address at there are so many empty promises out there online that hard to trust anyone, at my late age I need to be cautioned for any mistakes.

    Respectfully yours, Michael

  8. Great video and love your work. You have really helped me. Quick question. How often do you need to buy social signals? My guy says every month but that will get expensive for every web 2.0 and web page you need to rank. Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


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