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In this video i share with you how you can make money with shopify but on the investing side, not too many people talk about that side of making money… but soon you get the affiliate side and store side situated your next level will be investing For Growth…

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Video Skips:
0:18 Shopify – How To Make Money Investing
2:24 Shopify investing
3:15 Shopify affiliate sales
4:11 the rise of shopify with stock market
5:00 Dropshipping
5:50 Shopify stock gain
7:11 shopify shortage
8:32 investing to triple your money
9:00 Robinhood stocks buying app
11:00 Looking at shopify INC on NYSE Exchange
12:01 Shopify investing on nyse
12:37 Robinhood app

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This video is about Shopify – How To Make Money Investing



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  2. is there a secret to getting Approved to be an Affiliate for Shopify, I filled out all the needed info on their Application, but they turned me down. any advise on how to get Approved?… thanks in advance.

  3. Hey keder cormier , can you tell me what you can actually sell on a dropshipping site? how do you sell merchandise from a gaming company that's posted up on aliexpress from a third party seller without getting into legal disputes? or would you even get into legal disputes? someone help me out please !

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