In this video, I show you how to use a proven online money making method involving the selling of simple ebooks and video products on networks like Clickbank and Jvzoo. This video is a reaction video to yesterday’s video where I compare Affiliate marketing vs. product creation. It provides an alternative point of view on how to combine both to get the advantages of both, while avoiding some of the disadvantages each.

OK so after creating the affiliate marketing vs. creating your own products video the other day, a Deadbeat presented an alternative online money making idea that combines both.

In a nut shell, it involves creating small ebook reports that you can sell in the price range of $7-$19. You squeeze the pitch page for this between your ebook opt-in page, and the delivery page. This is known as an OTO page.

By doing this you get the benefits of creating your own products, without most of the drawbacks of it. It’s a much more simple way to venture into this business model, and you can tie it right into your existing affiliate marketing frame work!

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