If you want to cut through the Clickbank-confusion and sell successfully online, YOU MUST WATCH this short Presentation.

The production quality is pretty rough- you’ll have to excuse my messy desktop, but the information is really valuable…

**I have removed access to our programs and my contact email as I am unable to answer your questions at this time.



  1. Wow Thank you so much for explaining the whole tracking ID concept. Now I know how to track sales from different marketing method. Do you see any value of using tracking softwares such as clickmagick, or is it all a hoax? Can we achieve all the same tracking on clickbank itself?

  2. hi kaily! do i have to invest or pay $100 before I can start earning money? am I correct? just wanna be sure. by the way its an excellent job kaily!!! thank u

  3. What the???? I was following along with your tutorial, and I get to the second page, filling out my personal details, then the next page opens up and says 'thankyou for your interest in Clickbank, unfortunately we are unable to process your acct at this time'
    What is that???? I just finished filling the name of the bank I use and which country i'm in (Australia), then it refuses me to have an account. I don't get it.

  4. Excellent!!! I have been pulling my hair out just trying to get my head around ClickBank and how to start once I have registered. After watching so many videos and and getting no where, I stumbled on your Youtube channel and guess what??? You explained everything in easily and now I'm going to go into my account and get started. Thanx Kailey

  5. Nice video
    Thanks to the quick walk through but i have a question,
    if one stays in a country that is not optioned in the CLICKBANK SIGNUP list, what can the person do in other to register?

  6. good job kailey you're the best,i just signed up yesterday and i was confused and overwhelm with so much information i didnt know where to start, but you explained it so easy i love it.please share more videos on the various stages of the different parts of it so people like myself can get a angle on where to start first because i really want to learn more about it,once again kailey good job.


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