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How to choose between selling on eBay vs Amazon in 2017, there’s tons of options for ecommerce but these two are the biggest. Both have their ups and down, and I discuss that here. My email is for further questions!

Also I shot this video right after I woke up so I apologize for looking super dead



  1. I agree with you said – it's more difficult than some people make out to make money ecom and you could very easily lose money.
    Be cautious and seek advice from others who have traded for years. I looked a few sites and discovered plenty of great advice by searching google on sites such as Ecom turbo tactic. I wish you luck and hope you profit soon!

  2. I sold my first item on EBay a few months ago which was my Magic the Gathering collection and I'm now listing my old PS2, Xbox, and PS3 games on EBay.  I realize that video games are going more and more to digital downloads, but there is still time to sell these items due to demand.  I just need to make $1,000 per month to cover my personal overhead and I am switching my career from a Medicare insurance broker to an EBay reseller.  The government has too many regulations against insurance agents marketing and selling Medicare plans to senior citizens and while the residual commissions are great with selling Medicare insurance, the legal liability is not really worth the financial reward.  I've been an entrepreneur my entire life, but people 65 and older are super paranoid about many things in my industry and learning how to be a great salesman is too much for me.  I would rather make my money sourcing Goodwill and thrift stores and selling those items for profit on EBay.  The gaming industry as a whole is huge and there are many other games you can resell other than just video games.  Video games is #1 obviously, but collectible card games are very popular, board games, and children's games.  I'm passionate about video games and gaming in general so I will also enjoy spending my time reselling games versus dealing with ignorant senior citizens explaining why Medicare sucks by itself.  You can make around $300 per year every year selling insurance to a client so if you get 1,000 clients you can make $300,000 per year in residual commission, but it's much harder to get clients than people think.  You have to be good at building trust and rapport with people and me being an introvert doesn't come natural.  I'm sick of the objections most people give sales people which is "I need to think about it" and "I'm not interested."  There are ways to overcome these common objections but I don't have the patience to do it and want to punch people in the face for wasting my time when they don't buy from me.


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