You NEED to be prepared for Christmas (Q4) as an ecommerce seller! There are seven important things you need to know if you want to do well as an eBay or Amazon dropshipper. Even if you don’t have a dropshipping store, these tips will really help you!

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  1. Hello sir how are you ? İ hope you're well . If don't mind i want to ask you about the DSM tool software that you've been explained in your chanelle . My problem is that i can't list any item on my ebay store and the software said that because i didn't set up my ebay privacy policy but when refresh it it still the same problem .and i have another question if u don't mind , i'm acctually didn't sell anything yet so i was thinking to send some money to my paypal acount .can you tell me if it happen and i make some sell .is paypal will hold all the money i have in my acounte or just the money comes from ebay?
    That's my email:
    İ hope you'll text answer me soon because i don't want to miss the christmas chance for starting my work and thank you sir.

  2. Great Video . I don't usually comment on youtube very often but i do have a question. I have been selling used auto parts on ebay but now i am going to be selling new inventory. I want to use drop shipping. I will be getting the inventory into my store before X-mas but do you think this will be too crazy or should I go for it ? Also -I don't understand drop shipping from walmart and home depot , How do you figure the shipping ,or are you only shipping the "free shipping" stuff ? Thanks for your vids , I watch 2-3 a day and am learning tons of info .

  3. another great video paul !! a question what do say giving MY VA the login for my ebay account , is that damaging or not recomended in your opinion? do you give your VA the authorization .always appreciated your insight thanks

  4. Paul hello thanks for your videos… I have a question, you only list a SEO method, any sniping to boost your store? how many items do you have in your store thanks keep doing pls

  5. Hey Paul. Love the videos. Two questions? Is it better to deal with only United states and other countries excluding China for affiliate and wholesale sourcing for company products? And does China still deal with asbestos issues with their products?

  6. I just started dropshipping and I use Walmart and Amazon. I really have trouble finding things that people want to buy. I don't have much money and I can't subscribe to some of the sites that you give on your videos. I would like to know how To find the right thing to put in my store… for the holidays or any other time for that matter. Can you please help me??

  7. Hi, I want to start drop shipping and I was thinking of purchasing your titan course. Just before I do I was wondering can I contact you to ask you a few questions as I'm from the UK and was wondering are there things on your course that won't be applicable to me because of my location. Does your course cater for people selling from the UK to international markets? Thanks

  8. Hi, I have a question please: concerning orders, how can I make more than one item to be shipped to the same address as one order? because I have a customer who wants to make an order of 20 items at once and I am afraid they would be shipped separately after i make the order from the website I am dropshipping the product from. Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. One of my favorite videos of you Paul… Because you seem so relaxed and you've up'd your production game! Of course the content is fantastic as well. Hopefully I can get everything up and running quickly 🤞

  10. Love the bike footage Paul!! 👍 As an avid cyclist myself, it’s great to see people get outside and start moving…which is exactly where I’m going to focus my channel eventually. You know, after I start crushing it in the DS world that is 😉 Thanks for all the killer tips!! 🤙

  11. Great video Paul. Makes me extra excited for the holidays. I love them already, but e-commerce Q4 is awesome. By the way, I did buy your course a few months back and have been pretty quiet, but only because I’ve been working hard and it’s really worked. Thanks a lot


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