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  1. Hello, what a good and very illustrative video you have here. But I have a problem creating an amazon associates account.
    Each time I tried to create one, at the point of phone code verification, when I type in the code after the phone call, Amazon tells me that they could not verify the code I just enter.
    What could possibly be the cause of this?
    I have tried severally but is not going.
    could it be about my country?
    could it be a problem with the way I entered the code? if I made a mistake and entered it wrongly
    or what.
    Pls, I need some hel^p on creating my own associate's account.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello Evan ! in the policy of Amazon Affiliate Program- said that i
    if i sign up now – there will be some problems ?> (must to stand up my website publicy available firstly .(.i not finished yet buliding my website

  3. hello when i try to sign up and get the way the ask you your identify verification i put my number the give me this message 'Amazon is prohibited from making calls to the number you have entered. Please enter a different phone number and try again.'i realy cant register can you help me please


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