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Here’s a list of some of the features built into this eCommerce platform:

– There’s no processing fees.
– All apps are built in for free.
– Visual Store Builder (It’s out now)
– Abandoned Checkout recovery software built in
– Upsell campaigns
– Free themes
– Automated gift-cards
– Advanced reporting
– Automated emails
– Plus much more



  1. Love your vids Alan. I'm actually using HQ and questions that I think you could help me with. When drop shipping, what is shipping carriers? Well, I know what they are but I thought I was using epacket… I think it's the carrier once the item reaches another country? If so, there's many options already loaded in HQ. Like do have to do anything or leave it as it is?

    I know what the csv template is but do I need it for drop shipping? I'm kinda confused on why I would need it when they suppliers should already have a way of showing items on their orders.

    When drop shipping, how can I keep up with the inventory of the product that's on Aliexpress? If the variant isnt available on Aliexpress, it still shows up in HQ product page. Like it doesn't say its unvailable.

    Thanks in advanced!

  2. Hi Alan. Can I ask you a question mate. What email service provider do you use for sending out newsletters? and how do you segment your list on a general store? Im thinking product tags in CHQ might be a way to sort a mailing list but im not 100% sure.


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