DSM Tool is a Good Tool to Start Dropshipping on because it’s FREE for up to 50 items!!! Also, may big time sellers still use it daily because they like the ease of use & data that it provides. There a link below to get a 50 FREE listings account with them.

The Link List to End all Link Lists…..

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Zik Analytics – GREAT Research Tool for finding HOT Selling eBay items:

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My Grandma Nicknamed me Pooch when I was a baby, but most people know me as Cindy. I’m a Current Million Dollar + eBay Dropshipping Seller & am also Selling Close to than on Amazon via FBA & Dropshipping also. I’ve got 25+ years of Flipping, Picking , Reselling & Business Experience. Everything from Antiques, Art, Thrift Stores, Auctions, Arbitrage, Drop Shipping, etc… I’ve owned my own Multi-Million Dollar Companies & I’ve also had Businesses Fail, which I believe is the KEY to being a good Entrepreneur because of what Failure Teaches you. In addition to eBay, I have Amazon Businesses, Shopify Stores, a Brick & Mortar Store. I also Renovate & ‘Flip’ Houses & have Rental Properties. So, Subscribe if you’re feelin’ it & I’ll try to show you some things I’ve Learned, Tips, Tricks, News, etc… I always include Links, so make sure you check them out.



  1. Thanks for the video. Quick question… What would you say is the best way to get cash back? Are there dedicated cashback cards? I called my bank and they have a "rewards program" but not a dedicated rewards card. I was wondering how to go about it.


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