You’re probably familiar with Google’s Search Console, but have you thoroughly explored the tools provided by Bing? If not, this series written by contributor and Bing search evangelist Christi Olson is for you.

Its six parts dive deep into the wide-ranging functionality available in this free tool so that you can take advantage and improve your site’s ranking in search.

Racer on starting line

Part 1

If you are new to Bing’s webmaster toolset, this detailed guide will get you started and on your way to better rankings on Bing. Read more

Analytics reports

Part 2

Dive into four BWT sections: My Sites, Dashboards, Configure My Site and Reports & Data. Read more

SEO Analyzer

Part 3

Get in-depth info about the Diagnostics & Tools and Security sections in Bing Webmaster Tools. Read more

Webmaster API

Part 4

Get insights on widgets, copyright removal notices, webmaster tools API, specialty sections and how to contact support if you need assistance. Read more

Mobile friendliness tool

Part 5

Learn all about the free publicity tools Bing offers in part 5 of our Bing WMT series. Read more

SEO analysis detail

Part 6

Discover how to customize and configure reports within BWT so you can zero in on what you need quickly and efficiently. Read more


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