This is my experience with trying to become an amazon associate. Not a fun experience and one with lots of twists and turns. I followed all the guidelines and I was told I will be banned from becoming an associate until I conform to their rules that are not shown on their website. Amazon is free to do as they wish and so am I exposing their shortcomings I feel are unrealistic and not the norm in today’s business atmosphere. Good luck to Amazon as I will remain a customer but as it looks today not an amazon associate. Cheers

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  1. It seems like the big companies only want to associate themselves with big channels. Google is closing monetary assets to small channels and now this. You spent some real time trying to take care of this and getting educated. I like the jump to 2018 and another problem with Amazon. What a story. I think they are very confused. The "Banned of Brothers" T shirt has more than one meaning now. 🙂

  2. smh. all this because you don't want to display the subscriber count? sorry bud, you just made it difficult for yourself for no real reason. everything has rules and they want to know if they are maximizing their gains via approvals. we all have to deal with rules we don't agree with, this "rule" isn't even a big deal. yes it is your right to choose, as is their right to set the rules.

  3. I’m just curious, may I ask why folks do not show their followers/subscribers? I have been on YouTube a long time and have noticed some do not show there followers/subscribers

  4. Wow, what a crock of shizz Steve, it's happening everywhere, companies use the little guy to get where they need to be and then when the little guy gets ready to go big time – they pull the rug out from under you. I just did an honest review about a ferro rod and they removed me from there website and Facebook page because I gave an honest review. The World is full of butt-hurt wussies and morons like the people you dealt with at Crapazon

  5. I feel your pain, welcome to the club. Had Amazon on my website, they make you have 3 sales before they review your site. I had like 12 sales in three days and got cut off. They told me my site had too many ads. I'll say that again…AMAZON told me my site had too many adds. LOL. So I went to their site and surprisingly the whole damn thing is ads.

  6. That's weird!
    As a customer once i ordered a set of Wrightgrip combination wrenches, found a couple wrenches with cracked chrome job, I've live-texted them and they immediately offered a partial refund or a return reimbursement! That blew me away meh

  7. I agree with Danny Schwab If you are not showing your subs then you won't show up on our list on subs….

    I got you subbed a good while back and I had to sub you again 2 more times for some reason ??

    If I am not on your list of subs then sub me me and I will let you know if it went through…..

    I got my subs as showing in fact it was in my default settings..

    Plus Tard Mon Ami From Cajun Country ~!~!

  8. I have you on my count sub watch, and when you went private it turned to 0. That is what they see. I'll help you out, put my Amazon link and I will send you 30% of what you make me! I had Amazon delivery driver steal from me! Unreal all you are going through with Amazon. $20.00 is $20.00. Your vid is over! I can't believe what all you went through Steve, and still going through! Good luck. Crazy stuff!

  9. I have to continually call them for charging me shipping when my order says free shipping. I grew up a dairy farmer and if I ran my buisiness like they do I would expect to be nothing short of tarred and feathered in my community! I think I might just send them an email too 🎡 From one Canuk to another…… Keep up the great content.

  10. I got rejected the first time I set up a Amazon store as they used to not allow social media sites without a physical website. The rules changed and over a year later I tried again at the suggestion of viewers. It was granted this time. I think they should do it differently and not automatically grant an account until they verify stuff. It would have saved me from getting irritated the first time around. There are a lot of channels that abuse the Amazon Partnership. Maybe you've ran into them where it just shows a still image of the product you were interested in with an Amazon link. They generally have 3 subs and 100% thumbs down on the video. I'm sure they sell stuff, but it hurts the system, so they have to put in blanket rules.

    I only watch 2 channels that hide their subs, yours being one. I understand the rational but also think it hurts the channel(just my opinion}. I watch well outside my subbed channels and see some great and not so great content on a daily basis. Every video I watch that is mildly entertaining I always glance at how many subs they have/how many views the video got. If I stumble across a mediocre video that you would normally just move on from and they have upwards of a thousand+ subs, I will take they time to go to their channel page and see what other content they have to offer. If it is a mediocre video and they have 20 subs I will more than likely move on. Not that I'm being prejudice, just that if other viewers are willing to subscribe to a channel, that channel must have great personality or content to offer. I think you put out entertaining and valuable content and I would hate to see people pass by your channel. Again this is just my opinion.

  11. Steve, I think your right about the communication with the people at Amazon. I hate that your going thru this and the thing is we all use Amazon and so many people here on YouTube recommend them too. Sounds like a big screwup to me. Give ‘em hell Steve! Lol

  12. Should not matter to them this is all done on computers a sale is a sale no matter where the person comes through. I don't understand it. Same goes with monetizing videos what do they care as long as your not doing something bad.

  13. WOW, quite an ordeal! You handled this very well Steve!!! I had an Associates account a couple years ago and got a similar notice but did not follow up on it. Thanks for the info on how to handle situations with them

  14. Well that sure does suck STEVE. So sorry you have had so many issues with Amazon. Kinda like dealing with YouTube. They just don't have the time, money, or resources to check into every applicant. So to streamline the whole process they do what they did to you. You also have to tell people that there is a link to the product in the description so they know it is there and can click on it. This is a case of "you have to play ball". "Their way or the highway".
    I get that you don't want to show your SUBs and that is your choice. Now in the YouTube world SUBs have nothing to do with how your channel is rated. It all comes down to "Watch time" and "Veiws". It is a maze that must be navigated.

  15. Well that's just bad business right there. I haven't looked into their program so I can't speak on it, but I have seen plenty of your vids mentioning them or products sold there. Seems very odd they would ditch someone who has undoubteldy sent business their way.

  16. What a disgusting story, Steve. I think that YouTube and Amazon are in competition to which one can be the biggest dick heads. So much of their empire is automated and the puppets that do answer questions are terribly uninformed. I have had great luck with Amazon but i just order and pay the amount owing and wait. Maybe i have been lucky. I just had a bad experience with Ebay but that's a long story. These companies are so large that they just don't care about people like us anymore. They can't stuff an more cash in their pockets. If i had my way i would be banned from everything {:-) I'm just the wrong person to mess around with. The scary part is that i think it's going to get worse.

  17. Just as I got mine going they dropped me. They want lots of sales or they don't want you to bother. With how strong your channel is Steve, I know I'm not anywhere near "followed" enough, lol. With how some of both of our videos are watched to the extreme…I think they're just short sided. If just one video got very popular and their link was on it…well, we both know they're throwing money away….sorry, I'm only 1:24 into the video and I should get back to it, lol.


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