SMMA is a very profitable business. So is dropshipping! In this video, I go over pro’s and con’s of each to demonstrate which may be more suitable for you! Enjoy and do not forget to enter the giveaway by subscribing and following my Instagram below and also DMing me why you should win!



  1. How do you legitimize yourself if you have no SMMA proof. Like why is anyone going to listen to me if I start one when I've never grown a Instagram page or succesfully run a drop ship store? Do i first need to do these things before I even attempt a SMMA? Thanks

  2. Nice vid I like seeing your perspective because you do both and it seems pretty unbiased overall. I’m doing dropshipping right now and I’m wondering how you like to use influencers in 2019. I’m not sure where to look because it’s becoming more difficult to just use random theme/meme pages and more expensive to use actual people. Let me know what you think! Thanks for all the value 💪🏽


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