This business video discusses How to Make Money Online using the Amazon’s Affiliate Program, Amazon Merch, and FBA. I show how I use the Amazon Associates program, Merch, and Amazon FBA to earn some what passive and residual income online. Understand that these tips will have varrying effectiveness levels for different people based off of how much success and work the person already has online. If you already have a large or very supportive following online, you may be able to take advantage of these tips and immediately start earning money with little effort.
If you don’t have much work done online, I suggest you take these tips and then implement them as you see fit when you have a larger audience size and or have created a website that generates a respectable amount of steady traffic
– How to Market your Products:
– How to Make Money on YouTube:
– How to make money in high school:

– YouTube Advertiser Boycott; New YouTuber Tips:

– My “I’m So Wavy” Amazon Merch T-shirt:

– Merch by Amazon:
– Amazon’s Affiliate Program:
– Amazon FBA:



  1. Just want you guys to know that the success of these options I show you are largely dependent upon how much traffic and and or support you have online. If you don't get a steady amount of traffic online you will find it difficult to earn with these methods. How to get traffic and support online is a topic for an entire video in itself that I will make in the near future. If you already have a somewhat successful presence online, you should be able to almost immediately take the steps to start earning money with these tips. If you love business videos on my channel, be sure to press the like button to show me that you guys want them to keep coming!

  2. Hey man just wanna ask question. so after doing this application going to amazon affilate, u mean to say that u need to wait till 90 days before earning money u called cookies by clicking your link, coz i just started then keep looking on my earnings overview says i have 100+ but the total fees still zero? hope u can help me out thanks appreciate..

  3. Can amazon really be trusted? What i mean is will there be a lot of fees and can buyers pull their money back after buying something from you like they do on ebay

  4. I'm not having too much luck with the amazon affiliate but that's probably because I need to put more work into it… I will definitely be trying out amazon fba as I already sell things on eBay. Thanks for the video! 🙂


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