This video is complete tutorial on earning money form youtube, moinetization and adsense setup .

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  1. bro mero channel ma monetization not enabled vanxa k va ko hola 30000k + views vaisako plz help me… yasto mail aako x

    Dear Sab Jankari tv,
    You may have recently closed your AdSense account or received an email from about your AdSense application being disapproved. Without a valid AdSense account, you cannot participate in YouTube's monetization programs.

    To associate an approved AdSense account with YouTube, please visit your Monetization tab. If you are not eligible for this feature and manage your account in CMS, please visit your AdSense Settings.

    Relinking may take 48 hours to process and remember you must enable access for YouTube in your new AdSense account. Once you've associated a new account, you will receive an email from titled "Google AdSense Access Verification for" to remind you to enable access.


    The YouTube Team


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