Many people are not sure how to get started in promoting affiliate programs online. Here I do a brief overview and intro to Clickbank and my JVZOO account. I do use Builderall as a funnel system and show people in this video options for using funnels or lead capture pages to promote products from either Clickbank or JVZOO.

As in all my videos I always recommend that you do your research and determine what is doable for you in terms of knowing what your interests are in promoting affiliate products, expertise level in getting traffic and or leads coming in to your sales funnel etc.

If you don’t yet have accounts with Clickbank or JVZOO here are my links if you want to sign up free and look around. Both sites will ask for personal identifying information, only proceed if you are okay with sharing some of your personal details. I have been with both companies for a long time and have never had any problems with them.

Clickbank link

JVZOO link

If you would like a free 7 day trial to Builderall you can click this link to try it out and look around the back office. Great landing page/capture page builder, along with funnels, blogs, and tons of tools.

Builderall 7 day free trial

Take your time learning how this all works. As I mentioned in the video it is important how you promote affiliate links and best to drive traffic to a bridge page or capture page and not directly to the offer unless you have an email list or subscribers that are used to hearing about affiliate offers already. Quality traffic matters. Building a good reputation online does as well.

There are tons of training videos on affiliate marketing but it will all come down to your interests, how you choose to promote products and the value you in turn offer people for coming to your site.

If you are into blogging and or affiliate marketing I would recommend videos from Miles Beckler and Mike Vestil as top marketers in 2018 for giving out lots of free training and helpful tips in addition to my videos. I personally like to do how-to videos and also promote programs so if you have any questions just let me know.


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  1. Hey thanks very much for this video.

    I looked into affiliate marketing one year back and signed up for clickbank and clickbank university BUT gave up only after a few weeks if not a few days as it was very confusing and complicated for my then non technical brains.

    All these funnel systems and driving traffic and softwares and online marketing and social media platforms etc etc etc was very overwhelming for me then and also as I couldn't build faith around generating huge income online mainly with affiliate marketing of digital products so that was a block in mind as well.

    In fact I love computers and softwares and all digital and media related stuff and technology in general and the idea of location free very good online business really attracts me.

    I have watched tons of videos of so called GURU'S making tons of money like in millions via affiliate marketing with both digital and physical products and I believe there might be genuine affiliate marketers making millions SO I want to try again this time very seriously but need to figure everything out. I just need proper knowledge and skills and then bang.

    I am learning social media marketing and all these funnel systems but I still need to have faith that even I can make it.

    But if it would be that simple or possible then everybody would be making tons of money online and would leave their jobs etc.

    So whats the truth about all this?

    I want to generate at least few thousand pounds every month to fund my other passion and trainings in which I want to make my career.

    Can affiliate marketing of digital products seriously generate huge regular income?
    Is it for real or is it very complicated and hard to get into now?
    I mean I am a super hard worker and work really very long hours at times sometimes even like 2 days in a row as I enjoy working for the right stuff if needed.

    If yes then kindly please advice step by step from start to finish if thats alright?
    my email

    Also I have read and have watched people like Neil Patel they prefer JVZoo over Clickbank.


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