How to Make an Affiliate Price Comparison eCommerce Website with WordPress, REHub – Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme and Content Egg – all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites – 2018 Tutorial, Importing Products From Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, WalMart, Aliexpress, VigLink etc. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
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★★★eCommerce Video Playlist★★★

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:50 Demo Website Tour
00:10:04 Getting the Fastest Hosting
00:22:05 Installing WordPress
00:25:49 Things to do After Installing WordPress
00:28:15 Installing REHub Theme
00:29:30 Increasing WordPress Upload Memory Limit to 64MB
00:35:47 Installing the Demo Stack
00:41:43 Deleting Demo User and Creating New User
00:43:47 Change Site Title and Description
00:44:05 Permalink Settings
00:45:09 WooCommerce Settings
00:48:09 Content Egg Settings
00:57:17 Amazon Content Egg Settings
01:05:01 FlipKart Content Egg Settings
01:08:14 Creating First Product
01:13:21 Connected Review
01:32:23 Custom Accessories and Combo Tab
01:38:14 Notice Area
01:43:04 Home Page Designing
02:11:28 Creating Slider with Revolution Slider 5
02:31:38 Footer Settings and More

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  1. Nayyar , excellent demonstration & explaination of small small important areas.

    Few point wanted to know:
    1. Is importing from amazon, flipkart & aliexpress to our site is possible through automation or we have to export it one by one like you shown??
    2. Can you help to list out the final budgets with list of expenses.

    3. Is the videos applicable now? Because the internal settings & improvement keep happening in wordpress & even in plugins.

    Awaiting for response.

  2. Nice tutorial. Can we use free ecommerce theme ,content egg and affiliate egg integration to make this website… or can you name any free price comparison theme for this website please….I am hopefully waiting for the remaining tutorial u said to upload.. thanks in advance…

  3. Hi Mr Nayyar. Very nice video for a starter like me. Will REHub work without Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key ? I have applied for Amazon Affiliate and now it is 10 days I am not getting approval. Is it worth to buy Content Egg Pro without Amazon Affiliate approval?

  4. Thank you for the great video! 🙂 Do you know if and how I can use several different tracking IDs from Amazon with Content Egg? So that I could put for example different tracking IDs to each post. In Content Egg there is only ONE field to put in the tracking ID and it also does not show up in the link. Would be glad for help 🙂

  5. Hello Nayyar Shaikh, thank you for your video. I have one question, how can I get data from other websites beside amazon and co., I mean like small websites which are not in the list?

  6. Amazing ..Understood to everyone as like me.. Dear. i have a question.. I have already a login reserved from Godaddy.. Then how should I use that domain in TMD Hosting while purchasing domin..
    Another question is .Can i purchase the cloud hosting in INR. Pls reply bro..
    My whtsp 0091 9995674246

  7. @karan Jethwa, Nice site Brother may i ask you how is your site performing good organic traffic? Do you have to hire a SEO or have you invest lots in pay traffic google ads….? This is for helping me and others user, your input will be appreciated! Is it generating worthy income? any body with experience please share your though as well. @Laxmikant Bhumkar, @bootwala85, @youthsaveraccount

  8. Hi! Thank you for this awesome guide (I used ur link to buy the theme)! Although the latest update of the ReHub doesn't need you to perform the demo stack download but instead use the demo import option as I have found some bugs in using the demo stack. Nonetheless, I would like to request if you can create ReHub plus Affiliate Egg as currently it is a challenge to obtain the API from Amazon and also Content Egg has limited sites especially for SouthEast Asian area. Thanks very much!

  9. This video is amazing which inspired me to make the same comparison website but I used rewise theme not really my intention to used rewise because I really like repick theme like you made but I coudn't download repick can you give me the media pictures for re:pick?I want to update my web design from rewise to
    repick..Please check my website

  10. Bro plsz reply
    Can I affiliate with word press &earn I have taken tmd hosting

    I have heard that according to word press policy wordpress is non profitable organisation
    Plsz reply


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