In this video I go over my Top FREE Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2019.

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The #1 that all good affiliate marketers need to be able to do is drive traffic to their websites and their affiliate links.

So with that being said, you’ll need to know the top traffic sources for affiliate marketing and I know so many of you wanna stick to free traffic methods so that’s exactly what I wanted to give you in the video.

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  1. If you guys enjoyed then make sure to leave a like and subscribe for new videos and also be sure to check out my free affiliate marketing training course, link in description.

  2. From all those traffic sources the only one that is really free is facebook because for launching a youtube channel and a blog it requires money, you need money to buy a camerca, microphone and a video editing to create quality content that will rank on youtube. Same for the blogging, you nmeed to buy a domain and setup a website and actually create content that will rank in google search and for this if you´re not a webdesigner, have knowledge about SEO and keyword research and actually can write articles that engage with the people you won´t be able to rank.

  3. Hey man ! 100%, it's, to me, insane that people think that u need a bunch of followers to create an income. People think about ad revenue and stuff, which, to me, is like thinking about a banana when u could get the whole food industry^^.


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