Learn step-by-step how to use GetResponse Autoresponder. This marketing service is easy to setup, you have plenty of tutorials and a friendly customer support ready to answer to any of your questions.

One of the biggest reasons you want to use GetResponse is because of their autoresponder feature. You can basically put your email marketing campaign working automatically for you.

Once you’ve created a sequence of messages, specified the date and time you want to send them, anyone who subscribes will immediately start receiving them. Also email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. The reasons are:

1. People check their email inbox far more often than they go to a website
2. You can more easily build credibility and trust
3. If people trust you then they will more often purchase from you.

Anyway, here are a few extra tips to help you with your email marketing campaigns:

1. Always offer a free and enticing bonus in exchange for someone’s name and email address. This can include an e-book, podcast, or video course.
2. Always, offer high-quality and helpful content related to your niche.
3. After sending four to five content emails, promote a relevant product.

One of the hugest mistakes most marketers do is simply to promote products after product without caring about their subscribers. Therefore, they don’t build trust neither influence with them. This greatly reduces their probabilities of ever selling anything at all!

If you want to sale online then make sure to take great care of your subscribers and they will certainly repay you in the same way.

In this Getresponse review, you will learn everything you must know so you can setup your first campaign and start your path in earning a lot of money online!

Video Timeline:
0:07 Introduction
3:09 Get an account
3:31 Getresponse dashboard
3:59 10 000 subscribers tutorial
6:15 Create a campaign
10:44 Create an autoresponder
23:40 Create an opt-in form
32:50 Make a thank you page
34:45 Integrate opt-in form in a WordPress page
36:07 Integrate opt-in form in a sidebar
37:08 Make a landing-page
47:22 Statistic page

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  1. Hi Jordan :-). I cannot find 1 demo anywhere that has a video of creating a landing page with Get Response and then connecting your autoresponder. I simply have an ebook to offer and when they opt-in. i get their information. Not 1 video anywhere of this and i am sure its not that difficult…but i cannot work out how to do this…the videos i find are only parts of the puzzle. Can you direct me please? Thanks allan 🙂

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