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In todays video I explain why I sell shopify drop shipping courses and how it fuels the growth of my ecommerce brands.

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**We have partnered with shopify for the deal above** **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**

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  1. Thanks James! Appreciate for sharing the insights of courses! It all makes sense why you sell courses! Doing what your doing, does take a lot of your time…courses, dropshipping, and making YouTube videos!

  2. Bro even Amazon still dropship. why are you spending so much to buy products when you already understand dropshipping? it does not make sense and you will end up regretting it.. nd keep your future plans to yourself.. sell your course and do your dropshipping.. you dont really make sense and your videos need transcript. not everybody hear your rambling accent clearly..

  3. I completely agree with you James – key is to get that dropshipping store to a cashflow machine! If you don't mind me asking how much profit does your cashflow machine make for you every month?

  4. No bro you only do it for the money, none of these excuses make sense lol. You can’t just care about all these strangers who don’t know you personally just stop it lol. Money is cool keep selling your courses 😂

  5. Selling courses is fine to be honest, as long as your sole intention is to add value to people instead of taking their money and not providing a good service. So I would never call it "scamming" unless the value really doesn't add up.


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