#NOBS People always wonder how much profit you can really make with dropshipping using shopify. Even though a lot of times shopify sales are pretty high, the profit’s are not the same as the number. This video explains it all 🙂

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  1. this other guy made 3 mil sales in 24 days spend 900k on fb ads and subtract the price of product i think he made 1 mil profit, remove 500 for tax lol and u got 500k in 24 days hmm more than what some people make in their lifetime

  2. Hey bro. Greetings from Germoney Berlin. When you do Dropshipping do you say to the Aliexpress sellers they should write your or your company address or do you let the address from each Aliexpress seller on the packets?

  3. Thank you for the awesome content! From my understanding you have to manually fulfill each order with Oberlo. So, how would you do this if you are getting hundreds of orders in?


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