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In here I will discuss
How to apply for google Adsense: advertiser ad for your website and Make money online with Bidvertiser

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Bidvertiser Company Stats–
Homepage: Bidvertiser
Program Founded In 2008
Employee Count: 10-50 employees
Ownership: Private

Bidvertiser Review for Publishers :
BidVertiser is an ad network like Google Adsense that focuses on banners, pop under and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile.

Publisher Requirements:-

Publisher Terms:

Traffic Requirements: None

Publisher Language Requirement: None

Prohibited Publisher Content: No adult illegal sites

Ad Types: Display Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Slider Ads, XML Feeds, desktop, and mobile

Approval Process:-
Their approval process is automatic.Website verification is required in order to prove ownership, as well as phone verification.

Payment Methods
BidVertiser will send payments through:

PayPal (Minimum Withdraw: $10 )
Payza (Minimum Withdraw: $10 )
Wire Transfer (Minimum Withdraw: $100 )
Check (Minimum Withdraw: $500 )

BidVertiser does NOT accept websites that :

Produce, provide or link to :

Adult content
Sexual content
Excessive profanity
Illegal drugs or related content
Hate speech or hate graphics content

Engage in, promote, or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating, hacking, spamming and infecting.

Are under construction.

Sponsor “incentive clicks”, are “pay-to-surf” programs, or use resident desktop objects such as bars and window frames.

Contain an excessive amount of advertising in general.

Include incentives of any kind for users to click on ads. This includes encouraging users to click on the ads or to visit the advertisers’ sites as well as labeling the ads with text other than “sponsored links” or “advertisements”.

Require or prompt an end user to download a dialer in order to view the content of the site.

Display our ads as a result of the actions of any software application such as a toolbar. No BidVertiser ad code may be pasted into any software application. We may not accept sites that are associated with some types of client-side software or offer these types of client-side software.

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