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  1. I don't quite understand….What is the point of having the funnel page if it's going to be going to the Long Tail Pro site anyways? Why not just give them the link to the Long Tail Pro site? Is it just so you can collect their emails? And if so what do you send to their emails if their already going to the site anyways?

  2. Brendan,
    I have had a few Clickbank Hoplinks I used . When I click on that new link, I click on the Order Page and on the bottom it either showed someone else Affiliate Name or the word NONE.

    I was told to go to a website that I can get a forwarding domain name using keywords and forward to my Hoplink. No wonder why I lost my commissions. Paul Klanecky

  3. Have your ever tested the traffic yourself from  fiverr to see if it converts?.Don't use bit,ly directly to clickbank links because they flag them as spam which scares away potential customers.


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