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WP Proficom PRO – ECommerce Toolkit + Training – The Most Powerful E-Commerce Plugin & Training That Turns WordPress Into A Powerful E-commerce Store!

ProfiCom – Create powerful eCom dropshipping stores instantly

Turns WordPress Into Powerful Ecom Stores

No need to pay tons of cash every month as rent / commissions to Shopify and plugin owners. Get started on WordPress and make more profit every month!

Comprehensive Training!

Detailed video training covers everything from store setup, integrating powerful plugins, theme customization, product sourcing, facebook ads, video ads, viral marketing, pricing techniques, etc.

Powerful Plugin!

Unique ProfiCom wordpress plugin helps you find profit-sucking products and post them to your e-com store with a single click! Nothing similar on Shopify or anywhere else.

Front End – ProfiCom:

Proficom is a powerful WordPress plugin + training that will enable your customers to set up high-quality feature rich e-commerce stores whether they are selling their own wares or creating a drop-shipping store, sourcing their products from AliExpress.

The suite consists of:

Proficom WordPress Plugin – Search AliExpress quickly for relevant offers that you can sell from your store, and post your Woocommerce store with the click of a button.

Comprehensive Video Course – Our comprehensive video training starts at the very basics and covers everything your customer needs to know to set up a income-pulling e commerce store. Right from technical setup, management, product sourcing to marketing. This is a complete roadmap.

OTO1 – ProfiCom Pro:

Pro version of Proficom has the following additions:

Support for Ebay in the Proficom WordPress Plugin.

Proficom Secret Class – Special Secret class which teaches our 5-day System of scaling up products.

Plugin starter pack – Collection of best plugins that you can use immediately to make your e-com store powerful and feature rich.

The Proficom System is BETTER than Shopify, because Setting up a WooCommerce shop with the help of ProfiCom plugin and training is free! Plus no recurring, ongoing charges. Plus its all set up on the number one ecommerce platform WooCommerce, used by 30% of ecommerce vendors

Check out the amazing demo here:

Proficom –



  1. This was a "review"? The ONLY relevant info I got out of that was that it handles dropshipping from Aliexpress …. and that you like blue fishing lures…. ZZZZZZzzzzz


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