Get More Traffic Using Reddit!. This is a really nice process to increase traffic your website. This is marketing site also.You can also do affiliate marketing using Pinterest. Check this video here:

Reddit is the best social media as well as Facebook, twitter etc. Google page rank Pinterest 9 out of 10. So, you understand how million visitors daily visit Reddit.

There is million of visitors visit Reddit. So if you marketing this social bookmarking site you can easily shine.

Today I wanna show how to use Reddit and get more visitor to your website.This is an easy process. Just follow the steps:

1)Go to and sign up quickly. Just type your username, password and email address.

2)Now go to your email and confirmation Reddit email link.

3)Now you are a member of You can see Reddit home page.

4)You can see hot, new, rising, controversial, top, gilded, wiki and promoted content there.

5)If you want to get more traffic using credit you must write unique content.

6)Unique content means your article not to be copy paste.

7)Now you submit your website link.

8)You can see right there submit a link option there click this button.

9)Now you submit, so copy your website content link and paste URL space and click suggest a title.

10)When you click suggest title automatically title include.

11)Now select subreddit. If you want to see that your content topics subreddit not there then you select world news.

12)Now type a captcha proved you are a human.

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