Interested in ConvertKit? Here’s a demo to help you get started and use this powerful email marketing tool. Try convertkit here: (30-day free trial!)

I’m an advisor to ConvertKit (also known as Seva) , and as an early user and fan, I’m happy to share with you exactly how you can use this tool to grow your email subscriber base. ConvertKit is beautifully designed, ridiculously easy to use, and makes your analytics simple to understand. It also comes with higher-level features like segmentation and tagging, so it’s perfect for users at all levels with all kinds of needs.

You can have a look at ConvertKit yourself (with a 30-day free trial) at the link below:

(Full disclosure: I am an advisor and affiliate for this company, which means if you use the above link to give it a trial run, I do earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance if you do choose to go through the link above!)

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  1. Thank you Pat. This is so helpful! I'm new to CK. I couldn't find a video on how to set up a sequence but I think I understand now. Do you have a video on how to add each email in a sequence?

  2. I'm interested in convert kit, but I'm trying to eliminate the need to check out using Zapier with my Active Campaign and Gumroad. If I switch to convert kit, would I still need to use the Zapier with my gumroad and Active Campaign?

  3. Hi Pat, love your work and this is a very helpful video. I have recently opened up a membership site and have been cogitating the relationship with my email list. Initially my thought was to focus on site membership and kind of hide my email signup form (members are automagically subscribed to the list) so people don't have to "join" twice.

    Do you have any advice for how to use site membership and email together? How do you use it, for example with your courses (which I will get around to doing!)? Or is that a daft question? 😀

    All I know is that I have, at least/last begun to get some interaction with my list (beyond an occasional thank you to one of my emails, which is always nice). So I feel like I've done the right thing…

  4. Hey Pat, Can I use convert kit for two different businesses that I run? Some emails will be separate to each group, and other emails will Be common to both groups? Just need to know if I must purchase two separate accounts or run al from one? Thank you.

  5. Hi Pat, thanks for this detailed video about convert kit. I am just in the very beginning – do not have any courses on line yet and have registered by Mail chimp as it is free. Do you suggest someone just starting out ? As jt costs 29$ per month. Do I need to invest on this now or later?
    – Don`t know when I will be able to put my course online. Also I would like to know if there are email sequence templates that I can get. Have no idea what goes into an email sequence. Thanks so much!

  6. Pat, hello
    I think this is a great tool.
    Since you are using ConvertKit now and used Aweber, which features, can you describe the pros and cons of both?
    And as comment, I was getting your emails as a spam

  7. Hi Pat, For the purposes of knowing my audience better, I would like to ask them some questions within the email. How to trigger an Event from inside a email? Like when I ask them what are your concerns about a particular topic? And I give them 3 options to choose from. Based on their CLICKED choice from the options given, how can I create an event and therefore an action? Thanks for this educational video !

  8. Hi Pat, thank you for this tutorial, it's really helpful! One question I have is how to trigger a tag inside a email? Like I ask them what subject they interested in? And give them 3 option, how to trigger that tag I wonder? Thank you.

  9. Pat, have you heard of Drip? I am looking to switch from MailChimp to ConvertKit or Drip. What would be the main reason to choose ConvertKit over Drip? I am a solopreneur blogger who sells digital products.

  10. Pat, thanks so much. I first heard about ConvertKit on your podcast. I could actually "see" your face as Nathan described his new product. And I shared your amazement.

    Today, the Rainmaker platform (which I'm on) has announced the full ConvertKit integration. So I'm migrating from aWeber to CK.

    Through your affiliate link, of course.

    I appreciate everything you do for us, small business owners. I've been following you since 2012. It's been an awesome journey.

  11. Hey Pat, thanks for sharing such an awesome review with convert kit. I love how you show how easy it can be to use, once you get to know your way around. Can convert kit work for offline businesses too, and can you manually add subscribers? my customers always ask me to add to my email list. Please let me know? Pat, I think you should do a webinar, or a video on Comfort kit- how you can use it for offline businesses too. Thanks Dennis.

  12. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for sharing, you will get my affiliate pennies 🙂

    My Question:
    – I have a general Welcome Course with its Form. In that list, at a certain point I sell a Gumroad product. people get tag and send to a Gumroad Course.
    – Also, anybody who buys my Gumroad product from outside of my email marketing is added to the Gumroad Course. When the Gumroad Course is over, I want to have these new customer in my Welcome Course.

    How do I cross those lists without having the email subscriber make a loop to the start of my Welcome Course?


  13. Awesome stuff Pat! Looks really fantastic and great to get insight into how you use it! I've just started with ActiveCampaign and loving it. One question I have about tagging customers is with products that can be purchased multiple times (I'm talking about a product that is a healthy blend of seeds in this case). It wouldn't be ideal to send them the initial thank you email series with instructions on how to use for first timers, but how could I make the email system know they aren't first time buyers? Perhaps multiple tags? It kind of makes more sense now that I've asked this lol. Cheers Pat!

  14. Hi Pat! So how does this integrate with LeadPages? I already have several LeadPages and LeadBoxes set up. Or does it replace the need for LeadPages in the future? Would love to see a video tutorial on how you're using that. Thanks for all the great info you share!

  15. So helpful, Pat. Thank you! Let me ask you . . .

    • Other than ease of use, what does this do that MailChimp doesn't?
    • How does this compare with InfusionSoft for email marketing?

    Thanks again, for your great content.


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