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  1. Besides selling on Amazon using arbitrage I have tried to find various vendors including 888 lots and various other offers. But all of them are offering products taht lieve almost no profit at all. So how do one finds the right prodcut

  2. Hi Seth,
    Question. Should I apply first to get a UPC codes for my products from GS1, and than open an Amazon seller account, or it doesn't matters.
    By the way. You guys are amazing helping, teaching, motivating us!!

  3. Hi Seth,
    I'm a new seller on AMZ I watch one of your videos about Optimizing, Keywords how to rank on the first page ETC: I love how you explain it so much to the point that I wanted you to coach me and help me, however since I've been burn before I went and do some reaserch on your services well their were a few unhappy customers one customer said that he bought your program and after you took he's money you turn to a deferent person he couldn't ask any questions, if he doesn't understand something, he also said he ask for a refund you turn to a totally deferent person after you have he's money" so when I read that it turns me off about using your services because if thats true I don't want to pay my money to learn something and the teacher will belittle me I can't ask ? if I don't understand something. Thats what I paid for.
    Do you have anything to say about that? I'd like to here it
    Thank you.


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